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About Free Online Exams & Coaching

As a part of social responsibility Sreedhar's CCE along with TSRTC, under the guidance of Sri V C SAJJANAR, IPS, MD TSRTC is providing FREE online exams and explanations for all the students aspiring to become a Police Officer in state of Telangana.


Practice plays a major role in competitive examinations. By practicing you can optimize skill development and become a more efficient performer. Some of the benefits of practice includes confidence, real exam environment, reducing one's mistakes, helps in revision, time management and also in understanding concepts in a better way.


An aspirant can become perfect by practicing vigorously. One has to maintain perfection during an exam inorder to analyse, solve and answer a question without confusion or flawness. Perfection comes with practice. So, the only way an aspirant can become perfect is by practicing number of mock tests and different models of questions.


By practicing continuously and showcasing perfection in mock tests, an aspirant can perform excellently in an exam with confidence and better understanding of the given question. Practice and perfection together makes one's performance better.


  • Register with your authentic credentials and enjoy online exams and explanations
  • Subjects to be taught: Reasoning, Arithmetic, English and General Studies (GS) & General Knowledge (GK)
  • 40 Exams [ as per TSLPRB ]
  • Explanation in Bilingual [ English & Telugu ] by top-notch and expertise faculty of Sreedhar’s CCE
  • PDF materials will be provided in download section, after login
  • Video quality can be reduced, in case of low internet speed
  • Video speed can be changed to 1.25X, 1.50X,... based on your requirement